Franklin Armory AR15 Binary Firing System Trigger Pack


The revolutionary Franklin Binary Firing System will be appreciated by three gun competitors, tactical shooters, and recreational enthusiasts. It features a three position selector that allows the user to switch from Mode 1 for Safe, Mode 2 for traditional Semi Automatic Mode, or Mode 3 for Binary Mode. In Binary Mode, the firearm will discharge one round with every function of the trigger whether a pull or a release. A user can negate the round that would otherwise be fired during the release function by simply moving the selector back to Mode 2 and then safely releasing the trigger.



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Patriot Ordnance Drop-In Trigger 5.0lb Pull


First looks.  Nice drop in unit that makes installation easy.  Just take off your grip, the selector spring, detent and the safety selector.  Then using a punch, knock out the pins for the existing trigger and hammer.  Remove them.  And you are ready to install the unit.  To do that, you just drop it in and install the KNS anti-walk pins.  Then install the allen screws to secure the pins.  We found that reinstallation of the safety selector was a little too snug.  So we removed the pins and then put the selector in before putting the pins back in.  Then everything fit like a charm.  Put back the selector detent and spring, then the grip and you are good to go.  The whole process took about 20 minutes.

Trigger pull is very crisp and the reset is very good.  We found that we could tighten up our groups using this trigger assembly.  It is a very definite improvement over the standard milspec trigger.  Now for the technical stuff.

This single stage, non adjustable, drop in trigger boasts a solid 4.5 pound pull weight and is pre-assembled in hardcoat anodized aluminum housing (complete with rubber urethane feet) for immediate competition, hunting and tactical applications right out of the box. Carved from American a2 steel, the trigger, disconnect and hammer are all nitrate heat treated to 70 Rockwell case hardness for ultimate strength and corrosion resistance.

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Leupold VX-R Patrol – 1.25-4 x 20 mm Rifle Scope


1.     Product Description & Performance

The Leupold VX-R Patrol 1.25-4×20 mm Illuminated Riflescope has so many features that recommend it. Besides the perfection that it offers, it has a sleek design and is equipped with illumination even during the day. The motion sensor technology that the Leupold comes with will turn the scope off automatically, if it is left unused for more than five minutes. Moreover, if the sensor detects movement, it will reactivate in an instant! The Leupold requires a CR-2032 battery that is not only easily available in the market but also has a remarkable runtime. There is no need of a control module that depends on an eyepiece either due to the presence of a fiber optic light pipe.

2.     Advantages

The VX-R Patrol, as its name suggested, is an ideal fit when it comes to AR-type patrol rifles. This makes it a good choice for law enforcement officers. Nevertheless, the VX-R is certified for 5,000 cycles of 750-g recoil, making it suitable for rifles of all kinds. In addition to that, it has a FireDot SPR reticle that will make it easy for shooters to hit targets at both close- and extended-range. Using the ring that can be found on the reticle, the range and holdover for distant targets can be adjusted.

The FireDot ensures that the reticles remains brightly illuminated even at the maximum intensity where others often get fuzzy. It is also easy to activate the FireDot – all it takes is one push of a button situated on the left side of the saddle. You will also observe consistent click repeatability regardless of the level of adjustment. Additionally, the scope zero will stay where you set it at all magnifications.

3.     Specifications

  • 30 mm diameter of tube
  • The click value is 1/10 Mil and adjustable. All you need to do is click
  • Turrets are exposed and completely finger adjustable. They can also be reset to zero once you are done sighting
  • The eyepiece allows quick focus
  • The lens is covered with multiple coatings and is durable
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Variable power from 1.25x-4x
  • Reticle is not only glass-etched, it also has a FireDot SPR, and is illuminated, allowing you to shoot no matter what the lighting outside
  • CR2032 battery
  • Holdover reticle
  • Matte finishing
  • Water/Fog/Shock- proof, which only increases the durability and gives you the best value for your money
  • The objective and ocular bell diameters are 30 mm and 40.64 mm, respectively
  • Offers generous eye relief i.e. 4.2-3.8 inches and exit pupil diameter of 13.3-5.1 mm
  • Allows you to make adjustments for elevation and wind i.e. 90 MOA
  • Weighs about 12 ounces
  • Allows fields of view between 74 for 1.25x and 30 for 4x at 100 yards

4.     Purchase Details

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Burris MTAC 1X-4X-24XMM Illuminated Rifle Scope


1.     Product Description & Advantages

The Burris MTAC line includes products that have precision and performance both in a single package! For AR platforms, you shouldn’t be looking anywhere but at the MTAC. With the MTAC, you will be able to:

  • Hit close targets rather quickly
  • Shoot any target with accuracy as far as 600 yards
  • Get the best out of big game hunts
  • Get the performance that is only possible with high end ultra-premium scopes at much lower cost
  • Take advantage of the sharp, high resolution images that the MTAC makes possible with its index matched, precision ground, and multi-coated lens

2.     Performance

  • The MTAC is a perfect match for competitive shooters, such as 3-Gun shooters and hunters of dangerous game due to the low magnification and fats acting reticle
  • It is one of the best options that can also be used by law enforcement agents and the military
  • Its Ballistic CQ™ reticle is lightning fast making it the right choice for shooters who can’t afford shooting delays
  • Most products will do amazing when shot from a distance but fail at close distances. MTAC’s circular center makes it ultra-fast in such situations!
  • You can aim for and hit targets accurately as far as 600 yards due to the trajectory compensation assured by smaller reticle dots
  • You will hit your target no matter what the lighting around you happens to be because the reticle is illuminated
  • Once the scope is sighted, both wind and elevation dials can be reset
  • The 4 inches of eye relief is generous enough to make shooting comfortable
  • High ease of use due to easy grip via power ring that also allow quick tweaking while shooting with mil-rad target knobs are just some other benefits
  • The eye piece is coated with rubber to protect the shooter’s eye while making shooting more comfortable
  • The best in terms of durability since it comes with a Burris Forever Warranty, is waterproof, and has an outer tube that will withstand heavy caliber shock and vibrations
  • Also night-vision technology compatible

3.     Specifications:

  • 1-4x magnification
  • The values of objective, clear objective, and ocular lens diameters are            30 mm, 24 mm, and 42 mm, respectively
  • Matte finishing
  • RFP focal plane
  • The high and low fields of view happen to be 30 and 100 feet, respectively at 100 yards
  • 3.5 – 4.0 inches eye relief
  • The exit pupil range lies between 24-32 mm
  • It has a ½, 130, and 130 MOA click value, adjustments for elevation and wind.
  • The rifle scope is 11.3 inches long and weighs 14.5 ounces (200437 and 200426) or 25 ounces (200437-FF)
  • Ten brightness settings that can be changed by a rotary dial
  • CR2032 battery, one, Lithium ion

4.     Purchase Details

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