Deer in the Crosshairs – the Best Riflescope when Deer Hunting   

The problem with buying a scope is that if you want one that performs smoothly, then you will have to pay for it, literally! Nevertheless, there are scopes that are also high quality and yet affordable for the average hunter. If you are going whitetail hunting, then you will need a riflescope that is not just good but great.


When it comes to riflescopes, you cannot go more American than Leupold! If deer hunting is a favorite sport in our country, so are choosing the Leupold riflescopes to do it. These scopes are counted amongst the finest.

Sightron S III

Most hunters will choose the Sightron SIII, if what they need is a riflescope with a serious reach. Another feature that makes it a hunter’s favorite is the fabulous touch power that it has. Additionally, if you hunt in rough terrains and need a high-powered scope, then you should definitely invest in Sightron S III. The Sightron S III is a good scope because it features 10-50 power magnification. Yet another thing that makes it amazing is the oversized 60 mm objective lens. The result is a scope that only allows precise and superior shots in places where it was previously impossible.

Elite 3500 3-9 x 50

A Bushnell Banner rifle scope product that might also have the most expensive optic but makes up for it by its amazing performance. It weight almost 20 oz, making it one of the largest and heaviest scopes. It is almost 16 inches long and has a mounting length of 6.1 inches. You will find its optics behave flawlessly, especially during the daytime. With its highly positive clicks, if you are looking for a riflescope that is worth when it comes to overall ergonomics, then the Bushnell Banner’s Elite 3500 3-9 x 50 is the right choice for you.

Dusk & Dawn 3-9 x 40

Another Bushnell Banner product, which is also a hunting equipment that can add value to most weapon collections! One of the things that endear this product to most hunters is that its optics are as good as those found in more expensive scopes. It is also highly affordable. If you are thinking of a riflescope that offers you clarity of vision along with the qualities mentioned before, then the Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn 3-9 x 40 is the scope that you have been looking for!


Most of us have spent almost all the cash that we have painstakingly to buy a good rifle. By the time, we think of buying a good riflescope, we realize that not only can we not afford a big money scope – even a medium one might be out of our reach! If we are to go deer hunting, then we cannot compromise on the quality of a good riflescope. That is when you can turn to Simmons rifle scopes. With their reputation of only producing good quality products, they sound perfect due to their budget friendly prices.

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