Know Your Riflescopes

Why do most hunters use an optical sighting device on their guns?

The reason why hunters are opting for riflescopes is their simplicity. If you want to avoid the complication that is lining the iron sights, then use a riflescope to aim through. Additionally, line up the crosshairs with your target and subtract most kinds of frustration when hunting. Following are some things that you need to know about riflescopes before purchasing one:


If you are new to the world of riflescopes, the least that you need to know about them includes how to read what magnification they are. Inscribed on the accessory itself are two pieces of information, magnification level and diameter of the objective lens, respectively. In order to read the two separately, look for an “x” that is between them. If you want to understand what magnification is, then think of it as the number of times your target will be magnified when viewed through the scope. The dash between two numbers for the magnification indicates an adjustable magnification range.


If you are buying a scope, then the first order of the day should be to figure out how much magnification you will need. That is because the magnification level will determine how useful that scope is going to be for you. If you were going deer hunting, then a 32x scope would mean that you will be returning home empty-handed! It is also important to keep in mind that lower magnifications, such as 4x or 6x, mean you will be able to shoot faster and more intuitively. Such magnifications will also make target tracking better.


If you are going to spend on a riflescope, then you should make sure you do so on one that is also resistant to certain things, such as effect of water, shock, and fog. This is where buying a scope that comes with a coating on the optical lens comes in handy. Not only will such a coat keep your lens protected from scratches, it will also maximize light transmission, reduce light lost to reflection, and reduce glare. Misadventures during hunting make it a good idea that you protect your investment and buy a scope that comes with a coating.


If a riflescope falls in a medium-high variable power range has a parallax correction between 100-150 yards, then here is what you need to know. Set the scope at 100 yards, and then turn up the power on high power. Next, make sure that the crosshairs falls on a target at 25 yards. When you move your head while looking through such a scope, you will see that while the scope itself is stationary, the crosshairs will move away from the bull’s-eye that you had set. That indicates lack of proper focus. To solve this issue, you will need to make external parallax adjustments called side focuses.

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