Things to Consider when Buying a Rifle


While multiple factors need to be considered before one buys their first rifle, one of them is the cost of optics. This issue matters or you could end up with not enough money to buy a scope after having bought a rifle! Different people have different methods when budgeting for optics. Some hunters will pay as much for the scope as they have paid for the rifle. Then there are hunters who think a scope should cost half as much as the cost of a rifle. The important thing is to do your research before purchasing anything. Another thing to keep in mind is to take the information present on any forum with some degree of skepticism.

Type of Game

before purchasing a rifle, you need to consider what you intend to hunt with it. The type of hunt you will be using it on might require a particular kind of firearm to hunt effectively. If you are into hunting small game, such as rabbits, then you won’t want to do so with a high caliber weapon. For that you will need a rifle that has a caliber of .22 or .223. For the medium to larger sized game, such as bear or moose or bear, a high caliber rifle will be required. Some examples that might suit you include .308 Winchester, .30-06 Springfield, or .270 Winchester ammunition.

Rifle Action

The way a rifle ejects a used cartridge and then loads a new one is known as rifle action. As expected, there isn’t just one choice when it comes to choosing a rifle based on rifle action. Some examples of rifle action available in the market are bolt- and lever- actions, breach loading, and semi-automatic. If you are going to base the choice of rifle on the rifle action, then you will have to make two decisions. The first decision will depend on if the rifle of your choice should fire one or multiple shots before it will have to be reloaded manually. Once you have made that decision, the next thing you need to think about which of the following types you want to go for:

  • Picking the multiple shot option would mean that you can choose semi-automatic rifles. Some of them will keep firing until the magazine or clip runs out of ammunition.
  • Single-shot option could mean that you can choose from breach loader, trap door action, or bolt-action rifles.


A good riflescope makes a good hunt, just as it is important to have a good rifle. If you are opting for good quality glass, then you might have to indulge the price tag that comes with it! Here are a few tips that might be helpful when looking for the right riflescope. Stay away from scopes that have been made in China. There is rarely one that is good enough for you to consider. Instead, look for a local reputable scope brand, which is also affordable, such as Leupold or Burris and Bushnell. Variable scope magnifications will mean varying power that could be as low as 3 or as high as 9x. With low magnification, close-up shots can be taken in field view while longer distances will require zooming out.

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