Things to Consider when Buying a Rifle


While multiple factors need to be considered before one buys their first rifle, one of them is the cost of optics. This issue matters or you could end up with not enough money to buy a scope after having bought a rifle! Different people have different methods when budgeting for optics. Some hunters will pay as much for the scope as they have paid for the rifle. Then there are hunters who think a scope should cost half as much as the cost of a rifle. The important thing is to do your research before purchasing anything. Another thing to keep in mind is to take the information present on any forum with some degree of skepticism.

Type of Game

before purchasing a rifle, you need to consider what you intend to hunt with it. The type of hunt you will be using it on might require a particular kind of firearm to hunt effectively. If you are into hunting small game, such as rabbits, then you won’t want to do so with a high caliber weapon. For that you will need a rifle that has a caliber of .22 or .223. For the medium to larger sized game, such as bear or moose or bear, a high caliber rifle will be required. Some examples that might suit you include .308 Winchester, .30-06 Springfield, or .270 Winchester ammunition.

Rifle Action

The way a rifle ejects a used cartridge and then loads a new one is known as rifle action. As expected, there isn’t just one choice when it comes to choosing a rifle based on rifle action. Some examples of rifle action available in the market are bolt- and lever- actions, breach loading, and semi-automatic. If you are going to base the choice of rifle on the rifle action, then you will have to make two decisions. The first decision will depend on if the rifle of your choice should fire one or multiple shots before it will have to be reloaded manually. Once you have made that decision, the next thing you need to think about which of the following types you want to go for:

  • Picking the multiple shot option would mean that you can choose semi-automatic rifles. Some of them will keep firing until the magazine or clip runs out of ammunition.
  • Single-shot option could mean that you can choose from breach loader, trap door action, or bolt-action rifles.


A good riflescope makes a good hunt, just as it is important to have a good rifle. If you are opting for good quality glass, then you might have to indulge the price tag that comes with it! Here are a few tips that might be helpful when looking for the right riflescope. Stay away from scopes that have been made in China. There is rarely one that is good enough for you to consider. Instead, look for a local reputable scope brand, which is also affordable, such as Leupold or Burris and Bushnell. Variable scope magnifications will mean varying power that could be as low as 3 or as high as 9x. With low magnification, close-up shots can be taken in field view while longer distances will require zooming out.

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Know Your Riflescopes

Why do most hunters use an optical sighting device on their guns?

The reason why hunters are opting for riflescopes is their simplicity. If you want to avoid the complication that is lining the iron sights, then use a riflescope to aim through. Additionally, line up the crosshairs with your target and subtract most kinds of frustration when hunting. Following are some things that you need to know about riflescopes before purchasing one:


If you are new to the world of riflescopes, the least that you need to know about them includes how to read what magnification they are. Inscribed on the accessory itself are two pieces of information, magnification level and diameter of the objective lens, respectively. In order to read the two separately, look for an “x” that is between them. If you want to understand what magnification is, then think of it as the number of times your target will be magnified when viewed through the scope. The dash between two numbers for the magnification indicates an adjustable magnification range.


If you are buying a scope, then the first order of the day should be to figure out how much magnification you will need. That is because the magnification level will determine how useful that scope is going to be for you. If you were going deer hunting, then a 32x scope would mean that you will be returning home empty-handed! It is also important to keep in mind that lower magnifications, such as 4x or 6x, mean you will be able to shoot faster and more intuitively. Such magnifications will also make target tracking better.


If you are going to spend on a riflescope, then you should make sure you do so on one that is also resistant to certain things, such as effect of water, shock, and fog. This is where buying a scope that comes with a coating on the optical lens comes in handy. Not only will such a coat keep your lens protected from scratches, it will also maximize light transmission, reduce light lost to reflection, and reduce glare. Misadventures during hunting make it a good idea that you protect your investment and buy a scope that comes with a coating.


If a riflescope falls in a medium-high variable power range has a parallax correction between 100-150 yards, then here is what you need to know. Set the scope at 100 yards, and then turn up the power on high power. Next, make sure that the crosshairs falls on a target at 25 yards. When you move your head while looking through such a scope, you will see that while the scope itself is stationary, the crosshairs will move away from the bull’s-eye that you had set. That indicates lack of proper focus. To solve this issue, you will need to make external parallax adjustments called side focuses.

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Deer in the Crosshairs – the Best Riflescope when Deer Hunting   

The problem with buying a scope is that if you want one that performs smoothly, then you will have to pay for it, literally! Nevertheless, there are scopes that are also high quality and yet affordable for the average hunter. If you are going whitetail hunting, then you will need a riflescope that is not just good but great.


When it comes to riflescopes, you cannot go more American than Leupold! If deer hunting is a favorite sport in our country, so are choosing the Leupold riflescopes to do it. These scopes are counted amongst the finest.

Sightron S III

Most hunters will choose the Sightron SIII, if what they need is a riflescope with a serious reach. Another feature that makes it a hunter’s favorite is the fabulous touch power that it has. Additionally, if you hunt in rough terrains and need a high-powered scope, then you should definitely invest in Sightron S III. The Sightron S III is a good scope because it features 10-50 power magnification. Yet another thing that makes it amazing is the oversized 60 mm objective lens. The result is a scope that only allows precise and superior shots in places where it was previously impossible.

Elite 3500 3-9 x 50

A Bushnell Banner rifle scope product that might also have the most expensive optic but makes up for it by its amazing performance. It weight almost 20 oz, making it one of the largest and heaviest scopes. It is almost 16 inches long and has a mounting length of 6.1 inches. You will find its optics behave flawlessly, especially during the daytime. With its highly positive clicks, if you are looking for a riflescope that is worth when it comes to overall ergonomics, then the Bushnell Banner’s Elite 3500 3-9 x 50 is the right choice for you.

Dusk & Dawn 3-9 x 40

Another Bushnell Banner product, which is also a hunting equipment that can add value to most weapon collections! One of the things that endear this product to most hunters is that its optics are as good as those found in more expensive scopes. It is also highly affordable. If you are thinking of a riflescope that offers you clarity of vision along with the qualities mentioned before, then the Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn 3-9 x 40 is the scope that you have been looking for!


Most of us have spent almost all the cash that we have painstakingly to buy a good rifle. By the time, we think of buying a good riflescope, we realize that not only can we not afford a big money scope – even a medium one might be out of our reach! If we are to go deer hunting, then we cannot compromise on the quality of a good riflescope. That is when you can turn to Simmons rifle scopes. With their reputation of only producing good quality products, they sound perfect due to their budget friendly prices.

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Leupold VX-R Patrol – 1.25-4 x 20 mm Rifle Scope


1.     Product Description & Performance

The Leupold VX-R Patrol 1.25-4×20 mm Illuminated Riflescope has so many features that recommend it. Besides the perfection that it offers, it has a sleek design and is equipped with illumination even during the day. The motion sensor technology that the Leupold comes with will turn the scope off automatically, if it is left unused for more than five minutes. Moreover, if the sensor detects movement, it will reactivate in an instant! The Leupold requires a CR-2032 battery that is not only easily available in the market but also has a remarkable runtime. There is no need of a control module that depends on an eyepiece either due to the presence of a fiber optic light pipe.

2.     Advantages

The VX-R Patrol, as its name suggested, is an ideal fit when it comes to AR-type patrol rifles. This makes it a good choice for law enforcement officers. Nevertheless, the VX-R is certified for 5,000 cycles of 750-g recoil, making it suitable for rifles of all kinds. In addition to that, it has a FireDot SPR reticle that will make it easy for shooters to hit targets at both close- and extended-range. Using the ring that can be found on the reticle, the range and holdover for distant targets can be adjusted.

The FireDot ensures that the reticles remains brightly illuminated even at the maximum intensity where others often get fuzzy. It is also easy to activate the FireDot – all it takes is one push of a button situated on the left side of the saddle. You will also observe consistent click repeatability regardless of the level of adjustment. Additionally, the scope zero will stay where you set it at all magnifications.

3.     Specifications

  • 30 mm diameter of tube
  • The click value is 1/10 Mil and adjustable. All you need to do is click
  • Turrets are exposed and completely finger adjustable. They can also be reset to zero once you are done sighting
  • The eyepiece allows quick focus
  • The lens is covered with multiple coatings and is durable
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Variable power from 1.25x-4x
  • Reticle is not only glass-etched, it also has a FireDot SPR, and is illuminated, allowing you to shoot no matter what the lighting outside
  • CR2032 battery
  • Holdover reticle
  • Matte finishing
  • Water/Fog/Shock- proof, which only increases the durability and gives you the best value for your money
  • The objective and ocular bell diameters are 30 mm and 40.64 mm, respectively
  • Offers generous eye relief i.e. 4.2-3.8 inches and exit pupil diameter of 13.3-5.1 mm
  • Allows you to make adjustments for elevation and wind i.e. 90 MOA
  • Weighs about 12 ounces
  • Allows fields of view between 74 for 1.25x and 30 for 4x at 100 yards

4.     Purchase Details

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Burris MTAC 1X-4X-24XMM Illuminated Rifle Scope


1.     Product Description & Advantages

The Burris MTAC line includes products that have precision and performance both in a single package! For AR platforms, you shouldn’t be looking anywhere but at the MTAC. With the MTAC, you will be able to:

  • Hit close targets rather quickly
  • Shoot any target with accuracy as far as 600 yards
  • Get the best out of big game hunts
  • Get the performance that is only possible with high end ultra-premium scopes at much lower cost
  • Take advantage of the sharp, high resolution images that the MTAC makes possible with its index matched, precision ground, and multi-coated lens

2.     Performance

  • The MTAC is a perfect match for competitive shooters, such as 3-Gun shooters and hunters of dangerous game due to the low magnification and fats acting reticle
  • It is one of the best options that can also be used by law enforcement agents and the military
  • Its Ballistic CQ™ reticle is lightning fast making it the right choice for shooters who can’t afford shooting delays
  • Most products will do amazing when shot from a distance but fail at close distances. MTAC’s circular center makes it ultra-fast in such situations!
  • You can aim for and hit targets accurately as far as 600 yards due to the trajectory compensation assured by smaller reticle dots
  • You will hit your target no matter what the lighting around you happens to be because the reticle is illuminated
  • Once the scope is sighted, both wind and elevation dials can be reset
  • The 4 inches of eye relief is generous enough to make shooting comfortable
  • High ease of use due to easy grip via power ring that also allow quick tweaking while shooting with mil-rad target knobs are just some other benefits
  • The eye piece is coated with rubber to protect the shooter’s eye while making shooting more comfortable
  • The best in terms of durability since it comes with a Burris Forever Warranty, is waterproof, and has an outer tube that will withstand heavy caliber shock and vibrations
  • Also night-vision technology compatible

3.     Specifications:

  • 1-4x magnification
  • The values of objective, clear objective, and ocular lens diameters are            30 mm, 24 mm, and 42 mm, respectively
  • Matte finishing
  • RFP focal plane
  • The high and low fields of view happen to be 30 and 100 feet, respectively at 100 yards
  • 3.5 – 4.0 inches eye relief
  • The exit pupil range lies between 24-32 mm
  • It has a ½, 130, and 130 MOA click value, adjustments for elevation and wind.
  • The rifle scope is 11.3 inches long and weighs 14.5 ounces (200437 and 200426) or 25 ounces (200437-FF)
  • Ten brightness settings that can be changed by a rotary dial
  • CR2032 battery, one, Lithium ion

4.     Purchase Details

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