Crimson Trace Laser Sights


1.     Why Buy A Laser Sight?

Shooting at something with the lights turned off can be hard to say the least. With laser sight at your fingertips, you can focus on your target in a way that is simply not possible with other types. With iron sights, for instance you have to alternate between front and rear sight while keeping the target in focus. Laser sights can help you distinguish between a real threat and a perceived one!

2.     Why Buy Crimson Trace Laser Sights?

Crimson Trace is considered an authority when it comes to manufacturing lasers for firearms. Their “Lasergrips” constitute a huge range of products that combine the efficiency of a small built-in laser with the ease that only standard grips can bring to your metal framed handgun.

  • Installation

Easily managed

  • Remove the original grips and fit the new ones
  • Batteries can also be changed easily
  • Laser

Located on the grips’ upper right hand side

  • Easily operated by the middle finger due to its location
  • Can be switched on by using a pressure switch – one each of which can be found on the side panel
  • For people with smaller hands, the laser will be in touch with the palm of your hand – you can control the zapper, depending on the pressure you exert.
  • No flipping switches every time to turn the lasers off or on but there are models that come with that option
  • A master on/off power switch can prevent both accidental turn-ons and conserve battery
  • Accuracy

Will be accurate whether it is pitch dark outside or the shooter is under stress


A wrench is used to adjust your shot based on the wind velocity, as well as, the elevation

  • Maintenance
  • Easily maintained and requires minimal attention
  • Resistant to most firearm chemicals and lubricants
  • The process requires the following steps be taken:
  1. The laser sight needs to be removed before the cleaning begins
  2. When cleaning, avoid using pressurized or compressed air to do so
  3. While the firearm is mostly resistant to cleaning fluids or lubricants, it is advised that it need not be soaked in either for extended periods. Doing so can foul the laser lens and produce an unfocused beam
  4. Keep the lens source free of the cleaning solution
  5. Grip damage is a possibility, if solvents, such as acetone, carb/brake cleaner, gasoline, MEK, come into contact with it.

3.     Specifications:

  • Class 3R Visible Laser Diode type of laser
  • 5 mW of power
  • 633 nm wavelength
  • At 50 feet, 90% of beam power will be concentrated at an approx. 0.5″ circle
  • Will illuminate for 4 hours straight
  • Battery has a shelf life of 5 years

4.     Where to Buy It?

You will find Crimson Trace Laser sights for sale here at MDS Optics. If you hurry, you could take advantage of the 10% discount being offered on all Crimson Trace products!